Who are we?
We are all members of the Tech Team program. Tech Teams is a new program through a collaboration between College of the North Atlantic’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation (OARI) and the department of Education. The Program aims to recruit High school students who have an interest in technology and have them work with post secondary students to brainstorm and develop technology based projects that will help out their local community.

What we do
Our Tech Team here in Grand Falls-Windsor know the town well, and are eager to develop useful projects that the town can utilize going forward. Our “theme” for this years teams will be applications of QR codes. Taking this into consideration, we have developed this website, which you have probably accessed using a QR code! If you look around town, you may notice QR codes posted up at various locations. Each page of our site will be you access to a number of fascinating features.such as walking Trail leaderboards, a means to easily and efficiently report litter, and a bulletin board to name a few!